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Pro Bono Committee

The committee’s members have developed a pro bono clearinghouse ( for ABI members wishing to help veterans and service members. The committee remains interested in looking for new organizations to include in the clearinghouse. It is also looking for ways to collaborate with other organizations.

Legislation Committee

Following on its work to inform Congress about the HAVEN Act, the committee continues to work with Congress on legislation to identify areas in which the Bankruptcy Code can be updated to provide equitable treatment of veterans’ benefits in consumer bankruptcy cases.

Financial Education Committee

The committee has developed a series of answers to Frequently Asked Questions ( to provide veterans and service members with a number of educational resources. It is also developing materials to provide service members’ and veterans’ organizations about the dangers of debt and credit.

Outreach Committee

The committee is working to provide educational resources and support for organizations with legislative initiatives. It is also working to provide information to teach new JAG officers about bankruptcy issues and where to find resources on those issues.

Tribal Committee

The committee interacts with Native American tribes to identify the unique needs of the veterans and service members within each tribe. The committee coordinates with various other committees to ensure that underserved areas like reservations and tribal lands may access pro bono, financial education, and outreach opportunities for all of their veterans and service members.